My name is Angela Clayton, I’m nineteen years old and live on Long Island in New York.I began sewing three years ago and instantly fell in love with the process. I'm almost entirely self taught and have learned through trial and error. I always do my best but things don't always turn out so well - that's probably partially due to the fact i'm ambitious when it comes to sewing, If I want to create something I'll do it regardless of how complicated it is. 

I find myself very inspired by historical garments, which is why the majority of my work will be reproductions, or heavily inspired by the clothing from many centuries ago. I really enjoy making structured garments that play with seaming and pattern matching. But I spend most of my time working on detailed costumes which involve a lot of beading and work done by hand. I also like making hats and accessories, either to help complete a costume or just for fun.

All the garments and costumes included in this portfolio were made entirely by me. Most of them were made from self drafted patterns, and worn over home made foundation garments. I tend to model (and photograph) the costumes myself. 

I’m currently taking time away from school and working on improving my skills and developing a portfolio. My future goals consist of having a job in the costume industry, either as a designer or seamstress. 

When I’m not sewing I’m usually on my computer, editing, writing, or playing silly games. I also like to read, draw, and paint. I post weekly videos on my youtube channel that relate to my costume work, as well as weekly blog posts showing the construction process of each project in more detail. 

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work and the notes about making them, check out the links below. And for serious inquires, please email me at


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